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Stanground Academy


KS3 PSHRE (Personal, Social, Health, Relationships and Economic education) is delivered in discrete lessons called Life skills, 1 hour a week. In KS4 and 5 students have 2 tutor times a week, (totalling 50 minutes) of PSHRE delivered by form tutors.  Please see the curriculum map below which indicates what is currently being taught. We are compliant with the statutory guidance for Relationships, Sex and Health education, made compulsory in September 2020.  PSHRE is fully embedded into the Stanground Academy experience for students.

The aim of PSHRE is to explore a range of topics that extend beyond the usual academic subjects. Students should study and reflect on those areas of life that affect us all, developing knowledge, skills understanding, resilience and reflection.  Studying PSHRE at Stanground Academy encourages students to be confident in their ability, kind in their approach and equipped with the skills to be a successful active citizen of the future.

There are 4 overarching themes within PSHRE at Stanground Academy:

  • Health & Well-Being
  • Living In The Wider World
  • Relationships (RSE)
  • Careers

We also use the Gatsby 8 Pillars to inform our careers programme.

Whilst the majority of PSHRE themes will be delivered in timetabled PSHRE sessions, there will be times when it appropriate to run extended tutorials, engage with outside agencies, have workshops and additional assemblies, depending on the needs of the students.   

For the latest government guidance on RSE please click here.

We follow national guidance in this area and you can read our Trust-wide policy here.

The right to withdraw your child from sex education 

Whilst we always try to work with parents and carers to explore their views, we also accept that parents and carers can exercise their right to excuse their child from the sex education elements of our programme (other than that which comes within the Science curriculum).

There is no right to withdraw from Relationships Education or Health Education.

The RSHE we provide is planned to meet the needs of all pupils and give them the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy lives. Withdrawing pupils from Sex Education can be detrimental and lead to them receiving less accurate, second-hand information from peers.

Requests for withdrawal Sex Education should be put in writing and addressed to the Principal, who will then arrange to speak with parents and carers to explore their views and ensure that the nature and purpose of Sex Education is understood. A written record will be kept of this discussion.

Except in exceptional circumstances, the school will respect a parent’s right to excuse their child up until three terms before a pupil’s 16th birthday when the child can choose to be included in Sex Education. The process above is the same for pupils with SEND; however, in exceptional circumstances, the Principal may take account of a pupil’s specific needs arising from their SEND when deciding whether to agree to a withdrawal request. 

A copy of withdrawal requests will be placed in the pupil’s educational record. Staff will plan appropriate, purposeful education for pupils who are withdrawn from sex education.

If you wish to withdraw your child from the sex education aspects that are taught across the curriculum, please e-mail Ms Lindy Daffeh (Head of PSHE) via outlining your reasons for withdrawal.

PSHE 2022-2023