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Stanground Academy

Year 6 Transition

Primary Transition 2021

*Please Note - All the information is relevant and up to date. However, this will be subject to change in response to the COVID -19*

Dear Parents/ Carers

We are delighted that your child will be joining us at Stanground Secondary Academy in September to start their exciting journey at secondary school. As a school, we care greatly about the welfare of all the youngsters in our community, and we are very much looking forward to meeting you and working with you over the next five years of your child’s education.

We know you must be extremely concerned about your child’s transition from Year 6 into 7, especially under the exceptional circumstances we find ourselves in! Transition in any year is daunting, however, this year more than ever, we need to get it right so our youngsters get the best start they possibly can and we will be really focusing on well-being and the mental health of our youngsters; this is our priority. Once we get them settled, their education will commence.

Indeed, you probably feel that they have not completed their education and therefore, not really prepared enough for senior school. Please be reassured that we have all been working hard behind the scenes to get everything right for your child to join our wonderful family at Stanground.

We are beginning to contact your primary schools in Peterborough and we asked the teachers of Year 6 to complete an online form about the students who are transferring to Stanground to provide as much information as possible; their learning, attendance, friendships etc. Again, this information to help our students make the best start in school in these challenging times this information is paramount. We need to ensure all the support is there before we start.

We have also asked primary schools to identify any student who has an identified learning need and our DSP unit will be working to contact the SENCOs and parents to gain the detailed information about those students.

We are hoping to schedule a welcome meeting for you and our new students later in the summer term so that you can meet with form tutors and Head of Houses and ask any questions you may have. Similarly, I know all the other secondary schools in Peterborough will be working hard and we will all endeavour to hold a Transition day in which the youngsters will get to visit their new schools however, this is subject to Covid restrictions; please keep checking our website for further updates. However, if you do have any queries, the link below will take you to our Induction Booklet where hopefully you will find all the answers to your questions.

So what can you do in the meantime?

We are so excited in Stanground when our youngsters come to join our family and we want to know as much as we possibly can about you. So, I would love a letter, telling us everything about you, loves, dislikes, hobbies, books, sports, art, games, pets, EVERYTHING to help us get a clearer picture of you coming into our family.

I would also love a creative representation of you in any form - either as a drawing, collection of pictures, a model anything that embodies you.  I would love to display your marvellous art in our reception area.

Our motto ‘Happy, Successful & Confident’ is echoed within our Belief, which underpins everything that we do.

Our ‘STARS’ values of (Safe, Teachable, Aspirational, Resilient, Sociable) are our guiding principles and personal attributes to which we aspire and aim to engender.

Our three ‘ACE’ learning realms (Academic, Citizenship, Extra) are where we ‘operate’, and deliver our curriculum.

Our values underpin everything that we do.

If your child currently receives free school meals, please ensure you fill in the form (link in the application form) and Mrs Carol Austin will contact you if more details are required as the provider in Peterborough has recently changed. 

Finally, we are extremely proud of our school, students and staff and we all work together as an Academy, but also as a beacon within our wider community. We all need to commit to working together, to ensure that our students are the respected independent generation, who will serve themselves and our Stanground community, showing empathy, humility and ultimately kindness to their fellow human beings.


Our prospectus will be able to give you more information about us. Due to the circumstances this will be an electronic prospectus.

Virtual Open Day Video

We have created a Virtual Open Evening Video which will be available within our prospectus, to try to give you a insight on what usually takes place in within our Academy.


We have tried to make sure the information on the rest of our website is up-to-date and easy to navigate and I would encourage you to explore it to get an idea of our ethos, curriculum, the opportunities on offer and policies. 

Application Forms

The application form you need to complete depends on where you live (NOT where the school is). 

The national deadline for applications is midday, 31 October 2020. Link below.

Peterborough City Council Applications

Admission Policy

You can see The Stanground Academy admission policy here.


We understand this is not the usual experience of applying to a secondary school and we really hope to meet you all soon. If you still have any questions about joining the school, please click here.  Please complete the application form that has been posted to you and return it to our reception with your child's ID (birth cert, passport and parent proof of address).