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Stanground Academy


Ensuring each and every stakeholder is kept up-to-date with a pupil's progress and development in the academy is one of our highest priorities. The most important stakeholders in a child's education are their parents/ carers. Therefore, the academy utilises, and has created, a number of solutions to ensure that you are informed of developments as soon after they occur in order for any resulting conversations to have the most impact.

To ensure we have up-to-date information on our system, if you have had any address or contact detail changes, please click here and complete this Microsoft Forms questionnaire.



Communication regarding your child's attendance, behaviour, corrections and timetable can be found via the ClassCharts app. Once your child enrols with us, we will provide you with the information to set this account up.

To find out more information about the ClassCharts app, please follow this link here

If you have any queries about same-day corrections and our expectations, please have a look at our behaviour policy. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your child's year team or the academy.  


Access to the Parents' Evening booking system

A letter will be sent home via email with each pupil notifying when a parent consultation evening has been arranged. Appointments can be made by following this link. Alternatively, pupils will be able to book an appointment directly with the class teacher.


Groupcall Messenger - Emails

Another benefit of providing us with your email address is that all letters and information normally sent out on paper can also be emailed to you directly; no more hunting at the bottom of your child's school bag to find a letter with important dates on it! 


Parent Bulletin

We use Padlet, a collaborative web platform that allows users to upload, organise and share content via visual boards. The boards will organised as follows:

  • Notices for All
  • Careers Information
  • Year 7 - 11 (seperate boards)
  • Sixth Form

Here is where important updates will be added. The head and Deputy Head of Years will add information that they feel is important to share with parents/ carers in a more informal way. The share link will be sent every Friday via email. 

If you would like to discuss anything on these padlets in more detail, please email the Year Teams.