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Stanground Academy


Our ambitious curriculum provides every single Stanground Academy student with the knowledge, skills, confidence and cultural capital that is the foundation for their long-term success, as well as the academic qualifications necessary to access appropriate next steps in education and eventually employment.  Our curriculum extends beyond our own timetable and supports our students’ development as responsible citizens whilst providing enriching opportunities for cultural, sporting and artistic growth to promote social inclusion and mobility.

In Years 7, 8, and 9 we offer a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum that gives our students a strong academic grounding in preparation for EBACC centred Level 2 public examinations.

Our Curriculum planning is clear, sequenced and spiral in nature, and all students are expected to study the core academic subjects for all five years of their time at Stanground Academy.  Planning prioritises the importance of threshold concepts, knowledge retrieval and low-stakes testing based on up to date educational research.  Students learn consistently across all five years of their secondary education and are supported to attain highly in national exams, with results at or above national average.

In Key Stage 4 we offer a high-quality curriculum, organised over two years to ensure our students achieve their life goals and experience in-depth learning of academic and vocational subjects. Option choices allow for all students to add important subjects from the realms of the arts, technical and physical subjects to their core academic entitlement. 

Our curriculum has subject-specific knowledge at its heart, and we look to the academic disciplines for guidance on the most powerful knowledge to teach (‘the best that has been thought and said’…Matthew Arnold). We also seek to learn from research about how this knowledge can be retained in long-term memory, so that every child can reach their full potential and achieve excellent outcomes.

In Key Stage 5 we offer a broad range of academic and vocational qualifications. This study leads to higher Education, Apprenticeships or advanced employment. However, Stanground Academy sixth form is not just about work, our students are actively involved in a high-quality enrichment programme as well as being involved in the community through local charity work and work experience. 

The knowledge learnt in both the classroom and beyond forms the basis of regular knowledge tests. We believe this knowledge gives our students the academic underpinning they require to make them exceptional learners at all key stages and beyond.  Teaching is clear. Planning ensures that it consistently builds on previous learning, with retention and unsupported recall, prioritised to ensure secure progress for all students, including those who are disadvantaged or have additional needs.

Stanground Learning Realms (ACE)