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Stanground Academy

Curriculum Implementation

The culture at Stanground Academy is one that celebrates a highly ambitious curriculum coupled with high expectations in learning to ensure that our community flourishes beyond expectation. Our skilled teachers deliver our ambitious curriculum to all and transfer the blend of knowledge and skills and opportunities to our students.

As a comprehensive academy we serve a diverse community and we are relentless in our drive to remove barriers to success. Our teaching model is data driven as we believe that when teachers use data to drive their planning, they are able to respond to problems more effectively, construct new teaching methods, and advance skill sets faster.

Current studies indicate that teachers in academies with data-driven planning and assessment have far greater impact on student progress than those that don’t. We have adopted the ‘planning to the highest grades’ where staff use data from assessments to inform planning. Our quality assurance processes are data driven as we believe this enables our targeted interventions to have a positive impact on students’ progress. The use of reliable and accurate data collected through a range of assessments is used to inform teaching, intervention and reshape the curriculum.