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Stanground Academy


At the Stanground Academy we believe it is vitally important for students to attend school regularly and punctually. This will give them the best opportunity to progress and achieve their full potential. Good attendance and punctuality will also encourage students to become responsible and resilient individuals, which will serve them well in their future working lives.


At the Stanground Academy we;

  • Expect every student to attend school for at least 96% of the time
  • Expect students to arrive on time every day
  • Will support parents in their legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school regularly and punctually
  • Believe family holidays should not be taken during term time. We will not authorise requests for holidays during term time, unless in exceptional circumstances.

Parents should contact us by telephone on the first day and each subsequent day of their child’s absence. The Academy should be informed of any planned absence in advance, this includes unavoidable medical appointments during the school day.

Addressing poor attendance

At the Stanground Academy we work diligently to help students attend well. We will communicate regularly with parents and always provide support to overcome barriers to good attendance.

We will also involve our Attendance Officer to work with families when attendance falls to unacceptable levels.

Addressing poor punctuality

Students that arrive after 8.55am for the morning session or 1.55pm for the afternoon session will be given the attendance mark U, instead of the normal late mark L. The U attendance code means that the student arrived after registers closed. Students with this code will be treated as being statistically absent, and such statistical absences are treated in the same way as regular absences when the Academy addresses poor attendance. Therefore, students need to be aware that poor punctuality can affect their overall attendance and this could potentially result in the withdrawal of their place in the Sixth Form.

Any genuine reason supplied for late arrivals will of course be taken into account before sanctions are issued.

Attendance and punctuality bandings 

0-4 Lates

>96% attendance

Band 1: Early intervention meeting (Meeting with student only)

If attendance or punctuality falls into this band the Year Team will contact the student to discuss any barriers to good attendance and punctuality and offer support to improve these.

Contact home will be made at this point to inform parents about detentions.

Lates within a half term will be issued a detention:

  • 1-2 lates will be discussed with the student
  • 3- 4 lates is an after school detention with SLT (Friday)


96%- 92.5%, 
5-10 Lates

Band 2: Amber 1 (Meeting with a student and contact home)

If attendance or punctuality falls into this band the Year Team will contact the student to discuss any barriers to good attendance and punctuality and offer support to improve these.

A letter will be sent home to inform parents of the student’s current attendance and punctuality status.

Every detention from 5-10 lates will result in an SLT after school detention.


11+ lates

Band 3: Amber 2 (Attendance concern meeting)

If attendance or punctuality falls into this band, a letter will be sent inviting parents/caregivers to an Attendance Concern Meeting with the Year Team.

At this meeting barriers to good attendance and punctuality will again be discussed, improvement actions agreed and targets will be set through a signed contract between parents, student and the Academy.

90% to 86%

Failed punctuality contact

Band 4: Red 1 (Attendance panel meeting)

If attendance falls into this band or you fail to meet the targets of the punctuality contract, you will be invited to attend an Academy Attendance Panel Meeting.

At the meeting will be a member of the Academy Senior Leadership Team and the Academy Attendance Officer. This is the final opportunity to demonstrate an ability to improve attendance or punctuality before moving towards the withdrawal of your place in the Sixth Form.


Band 5: Red 2 (Attendance panel meeting and withdrawal of place)

If there are no improvements within the timescale agreed at the Academy Attendance Panel Meeting, the student’s place in the Sixth Form may be withdrawn.