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Stanground Academy

Key Staff

The Academy is led by the Principal and has a Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of two Deputy Principals and six Assistant Principals.


Mr G Carlile








Mr K Ainslie
Deputy Principal

Mrs W Gooding
Deputy Principal


Mr D Worstead
Assistant Principal
  Mrs D Fundira
Assistant Principal
  Mrs S Higgins
Assistant Principal




Mrs H Murray
Assistant Principal

   Mr M Tee

Mr C Emmerson

Assistant Principal




Curriculum leadership and management is undertaken by heads of department who are responsible for the efficient delivery of the Academy curriculum. Year heads lead and manage the year teams and oversee the pastoral welfare of all students.


Head of Year 7  Mr J Hayes Head of Social Sciences Mrs C Savill
Deputy Head of Year  7
Mrs E Hurford
Head of History Miss H Marsh
Head of Year 8 Mrs H Wade

Head of Computing and Business Studies

Mr P Hughes
Deputy Head of Year 8  Mrs J Catton 

Head of Art, Design & Technology

Mr R Sagoo
Head of Year 9 Mrs J Maddison Head of English Miss M Barfoot
Deputy Head of Year 9  Mrs C Todd Acting Head of Expressive Arts Mrs A Copland
Head of Year 10
Mrs S Lowe/Mrs J Campbell
Head of Geography Mr T Langridge
Deputy Head of Year 10 Mrs S Goodale Head of Languages Mrs H Pirie
Head of Year 11 Mr C Butterworth  Head of Mathematics Ms K Sardeson
Deputy Head of Year 11
Miss T O'Donnell
Head of Physical Education Miss A Reynolds
Head of Sixth Form Ms J Houghton-Wood Head of Science Mr A Stocks
Deputy Head of Sixth Form Mrs M Henson Senco Mr M Tee
Acting Assistant Principal & Director of Achievement Mr C Emmerson Head of EAL Miss A Godzisz