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Stanground Academy



The name of the Academy’s SENCO is Mrs J Bloye (

SEND Operations Manager: Mr. C Gove (

SEND Administrator: Ms. A Coppin (


You can find the trust-wide SEND policy here.

Details of the local SEND offer can be found at SEND Information Hub (Local Offer) - Peterborough City Council

Our accessibility plan for ensuring access to all pupils can be found in our links to documents below along with our most recent SEN information report.

The SEN team work hard to provide individualised processes which aims to:

  • Use a range of data to identify where students require support or intervention
  • Put in place a support programme to mentor students to enable them to realise their full potential and to achieve
  • Ensure that parents are fully aware of intervention strategies and are integral to decisions made about their child’s learning whilst at the Academy
  • Provide a personalised approach for a range of students so that they can make good or outstanding progress whilst at the Academy


Your child will be tested regularly throughout their time at the Stanground Academy. This will consist of a range of tests, some of which are standardised and then others which are based on Teacher Assessments.

Testing enables the Academy to provide data to identify and provide personalised provision for students. It also gives teachers at the Stanground Academy the confidence to deliver differentiated lessons that will be pitched at the appropriate level to enable students to make progress. The data will be analysed by key staff in the Academy (Special Educational Needs Coordinator and Pastoral Leaders) so that early intervention programmes can be implemented.

Who will use the PLC?

The Personalised Learning Centre is for all students at the Stanground Academy. Each student’s profile will be scrutinised to ensure that they can make progress. If a student is identified as not requiring any focused intervention they will simply follow the natural path through the Academy. They will receive daily support and guidance from Curriculum and Pastoral Leaders, classroom teachers and their form teacher. We envisage that the following students may benefit from additional support and intervention:

  • SEND students
  • Students who have Behaviour, Emotional and Social Needs (BESD)
  • Looked After Children (LAC) and previously Looked After Children
  • Students who may have a medical need
  • Students with low attendance
  • Students who are not making expected progress

Pupil Passport

If your child is identified as requiring support they will have a Pupil Passport created. This is a document that will be prepared by either the SENCO or Pastoral Leader, in conjunction with the parent(s)/carer and the student in question. Its purpose is to serve the following:

  • Record any needs identified that require development/ support
  • Provide an overview of intervention strategies that may be suitable to address the student’s needs
  • Provide strategies for teachers to support the student in lessons
  • Provide a vehicle for discussion with a Keyworker who will mentor the student and record progress
  • Communicate clearly to the student, parents/ carers how the Academy is addressing any issues raised by the analysis of data

Monitoring and Tracking

A vital aspect of the Personalised Learning Centre will be the need to monitor closely the progress that a student makes when they have been issued with student guidelines. This will be monitored by the SENCO, Pastoral Leader and the student’s Key Worker. The Key Worker will do the following:

  • Meet regularly with the student to discuss progress or any concerns that the student may have
  • Review the progress of objectives
  • Feedback to parents on progress made
  • Liaise with the SENCO or Pastoral Leaders to update them on the student’s progress
  • Liaise with the SENCO or Pastoral Leader to keep the student guidelines up to date and relevant for the students identified

Special Educational Needs

At the Stanground Academy we work very hard to support all our students including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN). We work closely with our partner primary schools to ensure we have a thorough understanding of the individual needs of our students on entry.

The Personalised Learning Centre will complement the needs of everyday service provisions to meet Statement Reviews/ EHCP Reviews and students in need of SEN support.

The transition from primary to secondary education can be a difficult time for students. We develop careful plans to ensure our students are prepared well for this move. For some students we offer a bespoke programme to help them have a smooth transition. Once at the Academy, we provide a range of strategies including:

  • Individual support in the classroom or through individual interventions
  • A curriculum catering for the needs of every child
  • One to one catch up reading programmes including Toe by Toe, Direct intervention and more
  • Monitoring of EHCP reviews and pupil passports

Our work in this area is led by our SENCO, Mrs J Bloye.

Personalised Learning Centre