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Stanground Academy

Summer Learning Project

At Stanground Academy, we believe in nurturing your skills and providing a strong foundation for your education. We are pleased to introduce our reading and numeracy programme, designed to enhance your abilities in these key areas.

Over the summer, we encourage you to embark on an exciting reading adventure with the book "I am the Minotaur." As you read, make sure to record your progress and share your thoughts by scanning the QR code provided on both your book and below. We can't wait to hear about your experiences with this captivating story!

In addition, we will be posting times tables tests on our school website throughout the holidays. You will receive two tests per times table. We highly recommend practising your times tables before attempting the tests. These tests will help us understand where additional support may be needed when you start with us in September. Remember, it's all about doing your best and approaching the tests with a positive mindset.

Below you can find our first set of times table tests. Click on the button and off you go. We don't expect all these to be completed in one sitting, aim to have them all completed by the end of the summer break.

Test A


Test B



Need a bit of support? Why don't you try this resource on BBC Bitesize: Click Me

You can also download some challenge tasks below to help you revise and get ready for the tests.

Good luck and see you in September.